How much do you charge?
Each appearance is unique.  Pricing depends upon duration of event, playing time, number of musicians, location and special requests.  Please contact me through email or this form to begin discussing your options.

What if our event is running late?
Musicians arrive at contracted time.  If your event starts late due to weather or any other reason, we will try our best to make accommodations.  If you would like us to stay past the contracted end time, we may be available for overtime.  Additional charges may apply.

Do you play overtime?
Thank you, I would love to play longer.  If it fits into my schedule, overtime can be negotiated at the site for an additional fee.

Do you do special requests?
If you have a particular song you would like played or themed outfits, microphone for toasts, CD’s to be played during breaks, particular instrumentation or anything else, I can usually comply.  Just ask in advance please.

Do you come to wedding rehearsals?
It is usually not necessary for musicians to go to wedding rehearsals, but if you would like us to be there, we will come, schedule permitting, for a fee.